For developers

Build apps that know stuff.

Operand's API lets you upload files, and use their contents to build intelligent features within your application.


Industry-leading natural language search over the content of your files.


Build conversational experiences with factual, up-to-date knowledge.


Help users write faster and more accurately across your app.


Get started for free with 1 GiB of unified storage and 2,500 search queries. Pro users ($9.99/mo) get 15 GiB + 10,000 queries.

Going into production? Get rid of the limits with our usage-based add-on:

Unified Storage

$10 per GiB month


$1.50 per 1000


$25 per 1000


Coming Soon

Have enterprise-grade requirements, or need something custom? Get in touch.


What's unified storage?

Unified storage is the sum of your raw storage size and index size, billed hourly. The index size of a file is roughly dependent on how much text we can extract from it, and varies by file type. For example, if you use 256 MiB of raw storage which has an index size of 512 MiB, for half a month, you'll be billed $3.75 ($10 per GiB month * 768 MiB active for 15 days).

How hard can I hit the API? Do y'all scale?

We process 10s of millions of API requests per month, and are designed to seamlessly scale with the most demanding workloads. If you have specific requirements that you're unsure about, feel free to ping us at [email protected].