Curate and share knowledge, effortlessly.

Build up your own indexes from sources across the web, and share them with your friends and colleagues. Powered by the latest in AI.

The future of search is social.

Operand gives you the power to build and share your own search engine, composed of only the sources you know and trust.

  • Index anything

    Webpages, books, PDFs, podcasts, you name it, we can index it. We add new features daily.

  • Sharing made easy

    Work together with your friends and co-workers to find interesting and relevant content across the web.

  • A 'for you' page for the internet

    We use AI to learn what matters to you, and create a personalized feed of content that you'll love.

  • Proactive content surfacing

    Get notified when interesting content or ideas are indexed. Never miss anything important again.

Operand works where you do.

Install the Operand Chrome Extension to view Operand results alongside results from other engines.

  • Index the content you view on the web, automatically.
  • Get the latest from your feed, right in your browser.
  • Entirely free!
Operand Answer:

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Generous free tier, and flexible pricing options for individuals and teams. No credit card required.


Build your own search engine, and share it with your friends and co-workers.


  • 1 private index, 3 public
  • Chrome extension
  • 20 subscriptions
  • Automatic content discovery
  • Intelligent Q&A
  • Read-only API access
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Stay on top of your corner of the internet, and share your knowledge with the world.

$9.99 / month

  • Everything in free
  • 5 private indexes, 15 public
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Assistant access
  • Hosting + custom domains for indexes
  • Priority support
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For commercial, revenue-generating applications of Operand and its APIs.

Starting at $199.99 / month

  • Unlimited indexes
  • Full API access
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Support for multi-tenancy
  • SSO & RBAC
  • Dedicated support
Contact Us

Your questions, answered.

If you still have any questions, reach out. We (probably) won't bite!

    • How much can I index?

      The free and pro plans have a capacity limit of 4,000 and 20,000 pages, respectively, per account. Each page is approximately ~15 sentences worth of content, and we don't expect individual users to hit these limits. Business plans have no limits, and can offer usage-based pricing.

    • How does your search work?

      We built our own search engine which leverages advances in AI/ML to index content based on semantic meaning, not keywords. This approach makes us uniquely good at handling queries written in natural language, and powers many of our discovery-focused features.

    • I'm a developer, can I use this as an API?

      We offer a free API which lets you view the content and search over your personal indexes, as well as any public indexes. Business plans include full API access (i.e. read/write), which allows you to leverage our core engine inside your own products and services. Learn more.